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[NEW UPDATE] Group Ironman / DMM / PK Tournament

Group ironman is going to be starting Saturday (20/04/2019) with a 300M OSRS GP reward! We will be hosting PK tournaments every single day with 30M OSRS (these can be claimed for OSRS GP) coins as the reward. There are a lot more changes done, but a lot of them are misc/backend related stuff so wouldn't want to bore you guys with them!‚Äč Here are a few images/gifs giving a little sneak peak to group ironman ...

Pk Tourney / Group Ironman Mini update

Today we bring you a mini-update mainly consisting of changes towards perfecting group ironman, and the pk tournament! Overall, we've made major changes to the PK tournament to ensure it will go smoothly for next time ...

Update on Group Ironman!

Unfortunately due to technical difficulties, we've had to push the release of group ironman by a day! We're extremely sorry about this and will compensate by turning on events all day! Updated detail of upcoming group ironman competition: It starts at 21/04/2019 2 PM EST. Each additional unique ...

Deadman Finale!

This has been a great first DMM Tournament, there has been some bugs and a lot of overall game improvements and we are already looking forward for the next Tournament. We will be hosting Tournament every month. Everyone will be moved into a lobby with a countdown, once the countdown hits 0 everyone ...

Deadman Tournament 3/3/2019

Today will be our first weekly DMM Tournament and our plan is to host a weekly DMM Tournament every month! Below you can find more information about the deadman mode tournament changes. Winner of the DMM Tournament will ...

Top Players

Rank Username Total Level Experience
1 Andy Lol2,2772,453,955,695
2 X2,2772,119,085,299
3Donator rank Sten122,277924,210,062
4 Bertke82,277730,522,480
5Donator rank Lady Varrock2,277684,710,873
Rank Group Total Level Experience
1gim ned642,388
3Wakaan Water6318,914
5Solo Bubz00
Rank Username Boss Kills
2I See Lights6,143,444

Top PvP

Rank Username Kills Deaths
1 Andy1,19011
2 Drmcnoob1,00346
3 Fisherman5961
4 Andy Lol572172
5 Hc Andy3260
Rank Username Wins
1Pia Mia8
2Fit Adrian4
4N O X4
Rank Entry
1Joii (126) beat Ganjacloud (126)
2Joii (126) beat Ganjacloud (126)
3Ganjacloud (126) beat Joii (126)
4Ganjacloud (126) beat Joii (126)
5Joii (126) beat Ganjacloud (126)

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