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Eden DMMT 1000M OSRS

Eden is hosting yet another DMMT, this time upping the stakes (1000M OSRS) and the amount of time we put into development, this time we're introducing a new multi stage (PERMADEATH), more about the Deadman and the PermaDeath can be read at: https://eden.ps/forums/threads/1b-osrs-eden-deadmanmode-tournament-08-06-19.123/
Eden DMMT is now live, hop onto the Deadman world through the launcher and come join the many others playing, good luck!

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  1. Busysleeping

    Hi guys, starter guide help

  2. Busysleeping

    1B OSRS Eden DeadManMode Tournament - 13/07/19

    I think those little pk tournys they no longer pay 07 gp as they stopped doing it on Eden as well. So maybe it wasn't addressed on Soul Play properly or so
  3. Busysleeping

    Cant login

    Re install the client Happend to me yesterday as well.
  4. Busysleeping

    Eden Active Players Discord

    @Ganja Gay
  5. Busysleeping

    Helper Application - Octane

  6. Busysleeping

    My Hunter Guide 1-99

    Good Job bro!
  7. Busysleeping

    Satin's Introduction!

    Suit up
  8. Busysleeping

    Test world feels good...

    Stop taking credit from others
  9. Busysleeping

    Kek's intro

    We needed a new face to replace Cosine
  10. Busysleeping

    Nvr Get Head afk botting Agility

    Be quiet or I'll body you up again
  11. Busysleeping

    Nvr Get Head afk botting Agility

  12. Busysleeping

    Showing off my new signature

    DM me
  13. Busysleeping

    Showing off my new signature

    Whose the one that creates these? I might wanna get one if I get more into this forums thing
  14. Busysleeping

    Showing off my new signature

    Awesome art!
  15. Busysleeping

    Big List of Suggestions / Fixes

    No one asked you nerd, 1v1 or shutup
  16. Busysleeping

    Update 05/04/2019

    Is it the highest member in a group or as in everyones total in the group combined?