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Eden DMMT 1000M OSRS

Eden is hosting yet another DMMT, this time upping the stakes (1000M OSRS) and the amount of time we put into development, this time we're introducing a new multi stage (PERMADEATH), more about the Deadman and the PermaDeath can be read at: https://eden.ps/forums/threads/1b-osrs-eden-deadmanmode-tournament-08-06-19.123/
Eden DMMT is now live, hop onto the Deadman world through the launcher and come join the many others playing, good luck!

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  1. Murphy

    Buying Dragon bones 8.5k Each

    Buying Dragon bones for 8.5k Each I need roughly another 2.3k Bones for 99 Prayer on my Classic Account!!
  2. Murphy

    _-= Road to Classic Mode Maxed and Beyond! =-_

    Hi All, My name is Murphy, I'm 26 Years old and from the UK. I've chosen the account that I play on to be a Classic (5x OSRS Exp rates) Account. I've been playing servers that use this base since the creation of the first server that used it! Therefore my knowledge on this server is expansive...