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Barrelchest boss / Catacomb Totems and Ancient shards

May 7, 2017
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9h 13m
Hello Eden Community,
Here you can find most recent updates that have been applied to Eden.

General Improvements:
- Totems can now be obtained by killing any monster in the Catacombs of Kourend.
- The Dark Totem can now be made properly by using any its pieces on each other.
- Ancient shards can now be obtained by killing any monsters in Catacombs of Kourend.
- Tier 1 emblems can now be obtained by killing any monster within the Wilderness.
- You can now use the command ::elo to share your elo rating with others as well as check others like ::elo name
- Aggression counter is now fixed to prevent players from AFKing training.
- Motherload mining bug is fixed, where players could spam click the vein ores to obtain pay-dirt faster.
- You can now use the Motherlode shortcut to get to the vein ores faster.
- If standing under the falling rocks in Motherload mine you will take small damage.
- Various other small bug fixes and changes!

Barrelchest Boss:
- Barrelchest has been added in a unique way, go diving and get the first anchor in-game!
- Murphy at Port Khazard (Fishing Trawler) now sells the Fishbowl helm and Diving apparatus.
- Murphy can take you diving into the Mogre Underwater Camp where the Barrelchest boss is located.

See you in-game,
Eden Staff Team!
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