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DMM Tournament & DMM Finale Practice With Rewards 01/08/2019

May 7, 2017
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21h 32m
Hello Eden Community!

We are proud to say that our permanent Deadman mode world turned out much better than what we expected.
We would like to thank everyone participating and helping us improving the world.
It's finally time to announce the Deadman mode Tournament and we would also like host some DMM finale practice before the tournament starts, you can find date and time for tourney and DMM finale practice below.

We ask that you take the time to read over this announcement as it will explain a lot of important features for the season

Deadman Mode Tournament

DMM tournament will be released inside March 2nd 20:00 UTC.
The tournament length will be 6 days
DMM Tournaments will be hosted once every month while our DMM permanent world will always be online
Ancient Magicks will have be disabled until 3 days have passed in the tournament.
Experience rate will be set to x50
All drop rates will be boosted by 50% this includes barrows.
Defenders are set to 1/11 drop rate.
Rewards for the tournament will be 300 Mill OSRS GP (this can also be converted to Eden currency).
Players immunity protection will last 1 hour after creating new account.
Quests will be available however they will not be required for any areas or items they are purely optional for Experience.
Lava dragons will be disabled.
The revenants themselves can drop; Revenant ether, Bracelet of ethereum, Ancient crystal, Viggora's chainmace, Craw's bow, Thammaron's sceptre and the Amulet of Avarice.
All other revenant drops have been removed entirely.
Players cannot earn experience in dynamic instances other than in POHs.
Grand Exchange will be open
NPC surok magis will be able to take you various places in the world for some runes.
Wilderness slayer tasks have a chance to drop emblems and random supplies
Monsters with a combat level above 100 will drop emblem tier 5
Duel Arena and Clan Wars is disabled.

Season Finale:
Multi-Player Combat - All players will be dumped into a big area.
All players will have to venture to a specified location before an in-game timer hits zero to ensure they're able to participate in the finale.
After there are 64 or 128 players remaining from the multi-fight, 1v1's will commence.

We will Have a main youtube streamer streaming the finale and we ask that if you are a streamer or would like to stream feel free to drop us a message and
we would grant you stream spectating mode.


While we would love to give you the best experience without impacting the actual flow and economy of the game, we must make a portion of money to be able to pay for maintenance and development time spent on deadman mode.

Donator ranks will carry over from Economy world to DMM.
Donator stores contains boxes with different kind of supplies and some untradeable items.
Donator stores contains item that can give you 1 hour of immunity protection.​

Suggestions & Bug Reports
We ask that if you have or are playing our permanent Deadman mode World that you post any changes or additions you'd like to see in the suggestions section on Discord.
These suggestions are currently being compiled and will be brought to the developers attention to discuss them.
If you are aware of any bugs, please also report those so they can be fixed prior to the release of the tournament.​

Items lost due to glitch/bug:
Under no circumstance will an item refund be given without video proof of you dying to a bug. Even then there is no guarantee we can provide an item refund, but having video evidence of you dying solely as a result of a bug would be the only way of obtaining an item refund.

Deadman Mode Finale Practice

Deadman Mode finale practice date and time:
February 3rd 18:00 UTC.
February 10th 18:00 UTC.
February 16th 18:00 UTC.
Rewards for winning the practice will be 20 Mill OSRS GP (this can also be converted to Eden currency).
Participation rewards, there will be some participation rewards as well!
DMM finale practice will be hosted on Economy World.
Stats will be automaticaly set for all players (does not matter if you are level 3 or a new player)
Altar to switch spellbooks will be located in the lobby room
Shop that contains all available items for free for players to get ready.

Remember to join our Discord channel by using the in-game command ::discord
Discord Link - Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers

New to the game:
Download link -
Click here to Play
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Sep 13, 2018
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23h 50m
This looks really cool +_+

Best of luck to all of the dmm peoples & staff.


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Jan 9, 2019
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A donator item you can buy that grants 1 hour of immunity? Doesn't that just go directly against the entire point of dmm?


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Jan 5, 2019
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Add Mithril Seeds from waterfall and ability to buy more in the shop. Add combination runes to runeshop, add rune packs. Make runepouch 12 emblems instead of 15 why on earth is it more Emblems on an rsps than seasonal? Make barrows drop rate 1 in 4 or 1 in 5 i spent 10 to 15 hours grinding barrows for 3dmeds, 1 amulet of dammed, 3 dh body, 1 dh helm, 2 axe, 2 v skirt, 1 kskirt. just depresssing as the only motivation i have to grind barrows in the first place is to get gear to pk or BANKFIGHT. Maybe unlock the higher tier constant in stages otherwise the meta is always going to be full gear cap and max before any real pking can begin (speak optimal efficiency) Make potions cheaper in emblem shop 10 for 1 emblem is fair not 6 or 7.