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Eden DMMT 1000M OSRS

Eden is hosting yet another DMMT, this time upping the stakes (1000M OSRS) and the amount of time we put into development, this time we're introducing a new multi stage (PERMADEATH), more about the Deadman and the PermaDeath can be read at: https://eden.ps/forums/threads/1b-osrs-eden-deadmanmode-tournament-08-06-19.123/
Eden DMMT is now live, hop onto the Deadman world through the launcher and come join the many others playing, good luck!

Dragon Claws Buff.

Mar 7, 2019
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Stated this 1,000 times to Julius, but he don't seem to understand how weak this weapon is. Ask anyone who has pked or joined the tournament on how weak this weapon is at the moment. Honestly everyone in my clan in voice chat always complains about in the the tournaments, i don't seem to understand why Julius thinks the claws don't need a buff but it clearly does. The accuracy is too low, it rarely hit's but when it hits, it hits hard.