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    Hello Eden Community,
    Here you can find most recent updates that have been applied to Eden and we are truely sorry for not keeping you all up to date what we have been fixing, adding or improving.

    Game Interface:
    - OSRS gameframe added (toggleable)
    - OSRS character model only on HD (toggleable)
    - OSRS Textures only on HD (toggleable)
    - OSRS tile blending (toggleable)

    New Tzhaar City:
    - Obsidian armour stats added and level reqs and added to drop table
    - Ore and gem shop owned by tzhaar-hur-rin
    - Obsidian equipment shop owner by tzhaar-hur-zal
    - Second lava forge
    - Tzhaar-ket wich can also drop obsidian armour
    - Tzhaar-hur wich can be pickpocketed
    - Gem stall and a ore stall
    - Trhee internaleel fishing zones
    - Inferno minigame is being worked on

    General Improvements:
    - Security guardian that can enable your 2-step verification and reward you 30 min double exp
    - Fixed all spells on objects (super compost, charge orb, etc.)
    - Support for dynamic custom NPC and item definitions (sent through the server)
    - Lizardshaman with drop table fully added
    - New teleport interface that allows players to add teleports to favorite list
    - Added in teleport interface search and teleporting to their previous teleported location by right click the teleport orb
    - Teleport wizard added at home to access the teleport interface, you can still access it through the teleport orb
    - Proper gfx and animations added to alot of special attacks and other weapons
    - Fixed bug where head would go invisible with certain hair styles
    - Full abyssal sire boss + all abyssal items is now on live server
    - Experience rates have been changed to make it easier for players to lvl up at low lvl
    - Improvements to PvM combat system
    - You can now zoom by holding ctrl and scrolling using the scrollbar on your mouse
    - Activity board now automatically refresh
    - Lucien added in edgeville, he can transfer a part of ur dmm experience over to our eceonomy world and you can buy back your untradeables from him
    - Player following has been improved
    - Switching improved alot, according by our test on OSRS and Eden, Eden is actually working better.
    - All orbs in gameframe is now properly draining
    - Flashing HP orb
    - Rest option when right clicking the rest orb to regain quicker running.
    - Alching a high valued item will now send a message to warn you before you alch it
    - Added new Server messages
    - Castle wars minigame is added, missing reward shop (still in progress)
    - Skilling packages added in donation shop
    - Achievement cape emote added
    - Max cape emote added
    - Music cape emote (air guitar) added
    - Player can now create blamish oil by adding blamish snail slime and a harralander potion(unf) together
    - Player can now create blamish snail by mashing the thin snail with a pestle and mortar.
    - You can add blamish oil to fishing rod to create oily fishing rod.
    - Coloring whips with the mixes
    - Mixing all rainbow colored partyhats together can create rainbow partyhat
    - You can now create partyhat and googles by attaching a blue partyhat with the goggles
    - Culling code performance massively improved
    - Render distance of map, npcs and players is now extended by alot on HD
    - Map fixed in a few places exmaple the lizardshaman location
    - Abyssal bludgeon special attack added
    - Abyssal dagger special attack added
    - Fixed dragon warhammer special attack
    - Perfect combat accuracy and max hit formulas
    - Corrected all special attack bonuses
    - FPS has been improved
    - Eden bonds added, using a bond will grant you alot of perks
    - Information desk improved, added a few more questions
    - You can now preview the teleports in the teleport interface, by either hovering the mouse over the teleports or right clicking and click preview
    - You can now search for any teleport using the search option in teleport interface
    - You can now add any teleport to your favorite list in the top section
    - You can now teleport to previous teleport by right clicking the teleport orb

    Notice: We are now loading OSRS cache to be able to keep up with all the newest and current osrs updates!

    See you in-game,
    Eden Staff Team!
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