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Eden DMMT 1000M OSRS

Eden is hosting yet another DMMT, this time upping the stakes (1000M OSRS) and the amount of time we put into development, this time we're introducing a new multi stage (PERMADEATH), more about the Deadman and the PermaDeath can be read at: https://eden.ps/forums/threads/1b-osrs-eden-deadmanmode-tournament-08-06-19.123/
Eden DMMT is now live, hop onto the Deadman world through the launcher and come join the many others playing, good luck!

Mini update - 22/04/2019 - Pk Tourney/Group Ironman etc...


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Mar 7, 2019
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Hello there Eden!

Today we bring you a mini-update mainly consisting of changes towards perfecting group ironman, and the pk tournament!

Below we've listed changes we've done for this update:

  • Capped brews to a maximum amount of 3 in PK tournament
  • Done a few misc changes to how group ironman is handled in the backend
  • A pk tournament cannot be started if another one is in process (solves instancing issues)
  • There were few issues that prevented pk tournaments to start, this has been resolved leading to smooth starts to the tournament!
  • Increased the maximum amount of players that can join to 252 players!
  • Disabled the use of vengeance/heal other etc.. spells inside the PK tournament!
  • Disabled protection from melee in the DH pk tournament
  • Resolved issues regarding players not getting participation rewards
  • Changed items for the tribridding PK tournament
  • Added a feature for us to randomize whether the tournament would be DH or Tribrid
  • Made some final changes to the Tribrid shop
  • During the Tribrid pk tournament, prayer levels have been changed to be set at level 52
Overall, we've made major changes to the PK tournament to ensure it will go smoothly for next time, as well as changes to group ironman to iron out all the bugs that were in the game earlier!

Next on our agenda:

It's been a hectic few weeks trying to get these major pieces of content to work perfectly, and now that we believe we've achieved this, we're going to be moving onto focusing on the more micro aspects of the game e.g. fixing small bugs, shops, so on so fourth..

We've also came to the conclusion that we would like to introduce the concept of OSRS coins into our voting system too!

The way this will work is as follows:

- Player must be an 'older' more 'loyal' player of the game
- 10% chance of when you vote you get OSRS coins
- The amount will be somewhere around 100k OSRS GP
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Mar 7, 2019
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Fucking awesome updates recently guys, great work to all the devs involved. Looking forward to the future of Eden!


Mar 7, 2019
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Good to see that you guys are on top of things!

Excited to see those bug fixes and Presets?!

The osrs gp potential reward from voting is really cool ~ will encourage many more ppl to vote