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Regular Donator Features ($5-25):

  • Extra GE slots.
  • 5 extra points per Slayer task completed.
  • Slightly increased chance to thieve successfully.
  • Instant home teleport.
  • Random chance to gain extra PC points after completing a game.
  • Random chance to gain a free Void Knight seal for free after a PC game: a Void Knight seal damages enemies, heals you, heals the squire, and closes all doors in the PC game.
  • Increased chance for a defender drop (Warrior's Guild).
  • Less delay when talking on the Global Chat
  • No more random events.
  • Access to Facilla Island.
  • Ability to reset stats that are up to level 75.
  • Shards that you can spend at the shard store at home
  • Facilla Island can be accessed through ::dz, it contains a custom agility course, a few other objects such as a bank and easier access to Demonic gorillas.
Supreme+ Donator Features ($75):

  • All the regular benefits.
  • Increased chance of a mystery box drop.
  • Reduced cost to enter the wildy resource arena.
  • Access to the regular and extreme islands.
  • Ability to reset stats that are up to level 85.
  • All items in the voting store that are 30+ credits are reduced in price by 5 credits.
  • Godwars required killcount is now 30 kills.
  • Bork can be killed every 6 hours with a 21% chance of being able to kill again without waiting. upload_2017-9-17_12-2-1.png

Supreme island features:

  • Grandpa Jack (offers teleports to more locations)
  • Quick Abyss Runecraft teleporting
  • Bank chest with a decant option
  • Yew & Willow trees
  • Nearby telescope to check for Shooting stars
  • Nearby furnace, anvil, and stove
  • Fountain of Heroes to recharge glories
  • Unique Fairy Ring
  • Small Summoning Obelisk
  • Dummies that allow you to test your max hit for each combat style
  • All Slayer masters

Extreme+ Donator Features ($250):
  • All the regular benefits.
  • All the supreme benefits.
  • Quicker Abyss Runecrafting (you teleport to the inner ring).
  • Ability to set home teleport location.
  • Access to the regular island, extreme island, and supreme island.

Extreme island features:
  • Sawmill operator
  • Nearby telescope to check for Shooting stars.
  • Unique fairy ring (Doesn't require Dramen Staff)
  • Obelisk of Earth
  • Obelisk of Water
  • Obelisk of Air
  • Grand Exchange Clerk
  • Easy access to the sawmill operator and nulodion.
  • Crystal key chest
  • Jaraah
  • Bank chest with a decant option.
  • Nearby furnace, anvil, and stove.
  • Zamorak mage for quicker runecrafting.
  • The Wise Old Man close by (assigns boss tasks)
  • Magic trees
  • Nieve
  • Fishing spots, including Dark crabs.
  • Wishing Well for double XP.
  • Mahogany trees
  • Max hit dummies (allows you to check your max hit)
  • Large Summoning obelisk
  • Quick-portal that functions as a time-saver (takes you to Godwars, DKS, etc.).
Legendary+ Donator Features ($500):
  • All the regular, supreme, and extreme benefits.
  • Godwars required killcount is now 20 kills.
  • Smelting bars every 3 ticks (Normally 5 ticks)
  • Cooking fish every 2 ticks (Normally 4 ticks)

Legendary island features:
  • All features from extreme island: Furnaces, cooking ranges, crystal key chest, fountain of heroes, boss teleporter, etc.
  • A gilded altar that has two burners eternally lit.
  • A ZMI altar on the island (north east). (Experience is boosted to offset the distance to the nearest bank on the island in comparison to the astral altar on the extreme donator island).
  • Magic, teak, yew, and mahogany trees.
  • Implings of all varieties will spawn on the island.
  • Anglerfish and dark crab fishing spots.
  • Adamantite and runite ore rocks.
  • Unique fairy ring that will directly ask you to enter a code instead of being teleported to zanaris.
  • Global 5% experience boost on the island.
  • Nieve & Wise Old Man
  • Zahur (Decants potions & finishes all unfinished potions)
  • Probita (Pet insurance)
  • Farming portal (teleports you to numerous farming patches)
  • All resources except runite rocks never run out on the island (trees and rocks).
  • Grandpa Jack can change home teleport to west and east of the legendary zone.


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