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Update: 01/11/2019 - Deadman & Economy World Bug fixes + improvements

May 7, 2017
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Hello Eden Community
Here you can find most recent updates that have been applied to Eden.

General Improvements and Bug Fixes:
  • Resting on DMM restores run energy x3 faster
  • Removed all DMM quest requirements.
  • Buy 50 and sell 50 added to OSRS Shops (packs in shops coming soon).
  • Emblem tier 1 dropped from wildy tasks increased drop rate
  • Emblem tier 1 dropped by lvl 100 + monsters in wilderness increased drop rate.
  • Safety for miss clicking attack in guarded zones.
  • Fixed teleporting to wrong map using spirit tree.
  • Few various fixes/improvements for performance.
  • Wilderness drops from NPCs Fixed.
  • Fixed small bug with teleport interface.
  • Krystilia no longer rquires 50 combat to get task.
  • Bones conversion spell XP exploit fixed.
  • Shantay guard NPC fixed
  • Management server improvements.
  • Fixed Herblore on DMM.
  • Player owned house experience fixed (you can now earn prayer experience and other)
  • Fred the farmer starting quest fix.
  • Pillars in rev caves now requires agility level same as OSRS.
  • Removed quest point requirement for barrows gloves in DMM.
  • Removed losing immunity protection when entering the Wilderness on DMM.
  • Restless ghost quest fixed
  • Removed Npcs from DMM that are not supposed to be there.
  • Added chaos altar in wilderness has gives experience same as a lit gilded altar and has a 50% chance to not consume your bone.
  • Bracelet of ethereum is now tradeable.
  • Teleporting to turael slayer master now takes you to the correct location.
  • Disabled lava dragons on DMM.
  • Fixed deviant spectre slayer level requirement.
  • When lighting a log your player will now move 1 step (firemaking fix)
  • Disabled combat experience in player owned house on DMM.
  • All NPCs in the Wilderness are now aggressive.
  • The message "cant eat/drink quickly after banking" will now appear as a normal message in chatbox instead of a dialogue.
  • Releasing chins while in combat has been disabled.
  • NPCs will now attack pkers that are chasing you if you are not attacking back.
  • Teletabs will no longer bring you to the wrong map.
  • Proper OSRS multi zones added.
  • Remove charges from ethereum bracelet and Wilderness weapons will now give you the ether instead of deleting it.
  • Revenants on DMM now has the same drop table as OSRS.
  • Fixed elder chaos hood visual bug.
  • Optimized various parts of SQL.
  • Launcher now supports java 11 on mac/linux.
  • Increased spellbook swap using magic cape from 1 to 5 times per day.
  • Zul-andrah DMM delay teleport. added.
  • Revenant teleport DMM delay teleport added.
  • End auto retaliate if victim is too far (ladder/entrances etc).
  • House teletab now takes you to your house instead of lumby.
  • Tridents can no longer be used on players.
  • Buffed barrows drop rate on DMM.
  • Withdraw all but 1 fixed.
  • Dagannoth safespot fixed.
  • God wars boss aggression fixed.
  • Force players out of wrong map.
  • Fixed all catacomb dungeon exits.
  • Clan chat rework and optimized for new packet.
  • Some more small improvements.
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Sep 13, 2018
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Thankyou for the bug fixes <3 Keep up the good work :)